Voxel Journey

Out of sheer frustration and despair caused by life in general, I’ve decided to head back into Minecraft and have a brief session of cubic escapism. It quickly became not so brief, unsurprisingly.

At some point during the past year I’d sworn to myself to never touch the stuff again, but like all promises this one was never followed through, and here I am, once again slaving away into voxel oblivion.

Anyhow, meet Stevie, a perfectly average young man who wakes up one day on a strange, strange beach made of giant sandy cubes. He stares at his handless arms and feels a curious compulsion to dig into the ground.


And down he digs. His heart races as he burrows deeper, down to what should be the center of the world, only to find an impenetrable floor of pixelated black surface. The dark caves resonate with strange rattling sounds and moans, so he lights them up with torches, which are all running on what appears to be an endless supply of fuel.


His urgent need to dig does not diminish. In fact it burns even fiercer, like a wild beast roaring from the depth of his little soul. He tunnels furiously into the stone, and calms only after he has amassed a large collection of minerals and gemstones. Staring at the chests filled with rocks, he feels strangely at home.


Many days have passes since Stevie woke up on the beach. He finally decides that he needs some proper shelter and better exposure to Vitamin D. He should also acquire some food. A strange vision of trembling little hearts and chicken drumsticks has been haunting his dreams.

With an large pack of stone and coal, Stevie returns to the surface and builds a expansive farm with a few seeds he’s found among oversized grass. Miraculously, they all grow into wheat.


After gorging on freshly baked bread, Stevie builds himself a little farmhouse. For that he had to chop down quite a few trees with his bare hands, but he found the process almost euphoric. He finishes his house within a matter of days, and examines it from afar with pride.


The interior of the house is a tad bland, but considering that his building materials were limited to wood, it doesn’t look all that bad. Paint, apparently, is hard to come by in this world, along with comfortable furniture. And interior decor. But all that can be overlooked, for the house serves its purpose and keeps the strange moaning folks out at night.


Of course, storage space is a must, although he can’t quite rationalize his need to hoard everything he can get his hand on. He’s built himself a little attic, and prays to whatever higher entity watching over him that it does not catch on fire. A divine power seems to answer and grants him his wish, and his fireplace only crackles pleasantly.


After butchering some rather square-looking sheep, he makes himself a nice little bed. He places it down on the attic floor and experiences an inexplicable need to sleep in it right away.


Days fly by. His harvests his wheat frantically, for they often replenish themselves overnight. In his free time, he eats bread, practices archery, and builds purple swirling portals.


But Stevie’s ambitions do not stop here. No, he’s got much bigger plans. He wishes to build an self-sustaining city, and bring order to these barbaric lands.

But every plan has to start somewhere. He scouts out his immediate surroundings and decides to first create a central bridge to facilitate his movement across the many hills his city will be build on.


Stevie may have gotten tired of all the cuboids and straight edges, since his structure ended up looking curiously round at the center. A small overlook sits atop the pillars, for purposes that are yet to be determined.


The little skybridge does look quite lonely. It hasn’t seen a lot of traffic, which is understandable, but Stevie is certain that with time, his great city will attract many visitors and settlers. Surely, there will be fellow prismatic folks lining up to get into this potentially wonderful settlement? Anyhow, he has a feeling that people will appear out of thin air, if it really comes to that.


Satisfied with his first project, Stevie begins a second and much more ambitious one. Finally, an actual building, maybe even a grand fortress… Stevie could almost taste his victory…

It will be grand and majestic. Or at least, fairly large.



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