Everlasting: A Legacy – 1.1 Brave New World


Dear Diary:

I have safely arrived in Windenburg, a sleepy town in the Northern reaches of SimNation. My new home, a plot of fertile land purchased with the help of a long-time resident, is even more impressive than I’d imagined. It is vast, carpeted by a layer of thick, sweet-smelling grass. Waterfalls adorn the rolling hills around me, and to the South I can see the edges of the sea. To think, so much space, so much green! Things cannot look more promising. 

It is unfortunate that the purchase of this beautiful lot had put me in debt–Sims, curious creatures they are, still rely on a more primitive system of currency and exchange. But it is of no concern. I have endured wars, famines, years of space travel. I am confident in my ability to conquer any hardship that may come my way. Soon, I shall build my new home and populate the land with my progeny. 

I have designed and perfected my disguise. The townspeople will never suspect that an off-worlder walks among them. All is well.

03-17-18_7-10-56 AM

Oh Evie. Since you literally have minus $200 in your account, I can’t even buy you a sleeping bag or a trash can. You’ll have to couch surf for a few nights.


03-17-18_7-12-20 AM

As you can see, Evie’s disguise isn’t as perfect as she might think. Luckily, most sims would just assume that she’s an eccentric young woman. There’s no shortage of them in this corner of the world. (I’m looking at you, randomly generated townies.)


03-17-18_7-15-08 AM

She immediately heads to the closest bar to gather some information and perhaps food. Luckily, there’s one right next door.


03-17-18_7-18-23 AM

“Hey barkeep, got any news or leads for me?”

“…I think you’re in the wrong game. But grab some free chips if you want. It’s a tradition here. Chips are always on the house.”


03-17-18_7-21-16 AM

Evie introduces herself to a pair of local patrons. They seem happy enough to have a new neighbor. They tell her there’s some sort of club gathering downstairs in the basement.


03-17-18_7-28-24 AM

A kindly man named Bjorn shows her in. Evie is impressed. It seems that the only purpose The Good Timers gather here for is to enjoy themselves, to have fun. This is unheard of on Evie’s homeworld. Everything they did must be at maximum efficiency, and give them some sort of practical advantage. Even the concept of boosting morale through simple entertainment was dismissed as being too pointless and wasteful. But Evie has always been a bit of an oddball among her own people. She likes how these sims think.


03-17-18_7-38-02 AM

Evie has a lot of fun playing games with these sims and getting to know them. She’s also pretty keen to learn the ins and outs of club management. What better way to immerse herself in Sim culture than to join, or even run some clubs?


03-17-18_7-49-26 AM

Night falls. Evie hasn’t made a single simoleon that day and still doesn’t have a bed, but she isn’t worried. She had a brief stint in the military, and can fall asleep anywhere. The barkeep doesn’t give her any trouble for hogging his bench.


03-17-18_8-04-59 AM

The next day Evie heads to the town’s public library to do some research and hopefully sort this money problem out. Of course, this is only after she stopped by the gym to take a quick shower.


03-17-18_8-06-13 AM

According to the guys she met at the club gathering, the best paying jobs these days are all in the tech sector. This seems right up Evie’s alley. She both desperately needs the money and is good with technology, though it would take some time for her to familiarize herself with Sim tech. The only entry level position in that career track is game-related, and she is advised to get some gaming experience under her belt.


03-17-18_8-24-15 AM

While she was browsing the news on the library computer, she learned that something called the Humor and Hijinks Festival was about to be underway. It sounds absolutely bizarre and wonderfully exciting, so Evie heads there right away.


03-17-18_8-13-55 AM

Evie can’t afford to buy any of the interesting looking merchandise on sale, but there’s a free competition she can join. Evie does not hesitate. A competition to see who can stir up the most mischief? These sims are insane, and Evie loves them for it.


03-17-18_8-17-47 AM

She is on opposite teams with Bjorn, whom she already considers a good neighbor and a friend. It’s great fun to tease him, and to see his look of indignation when it’s announced that Bjorn’s team has lost. The Pranksters have won! Giddy with glee, Evie runs up to receive her prize. She got some fireworks and a strange little doll. Despite her desire to keep her hard-won prize, Evie knows she badly needs the money. She sells the items to the eager onlookers who’d wanted to have some of the fireworks for themselves.


03-17-18_8-45-59 AM

Finally with a bit of spare money in her wallet, Evie is able to purchase some basic furniture for her home lot. It’s not much, but it’s so very satisfying to sleep in a real bed. Tomorrow she will face a hard day of work, but she is optimistic. Things are starting to look up.



This chapter:

  • Extreme start bonus: +1
  • Generation founder reaches young adulthood: +1

Total Score: 2


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