Everlasting: A Legacy – 1.2 The Singles Mingler


Week 1, Day 4:

Today I earned my first promotion at work. SimNation is a world of opportunity and abundance – it rewards those willing to work hard generously. 

Having established a steady source of income, I have begun to consider the possibility of securing myself a mate. I had purchased this quiet expanse of land with the hope of filling it with the laughter of children and mates, yet it appears that Sims are socially monogamous. I will have to abide by local conventions in this matter, which means the sooner I acquire a spouse, the sooner I can guarantee the continuation and prosperity of my line.

Back home, optimized matchmaking programs are offered to those in need of mates. No program of equal caliber or effectiveness exist here. I will have to search for a potentially life-long mate unaided, but I already have some ideas as to how to begin. Perhaps this will prove to be the start of an exciting adventure. 

03-17-18_8-54-17 AM

Evie’s tech guru career is going well. She spends all her free time socializing and trying to get a better grasp of sim culture and etiquette. Eager to find herself a spouse, she comes up with a brilliant idea: a club for young single sims looking for friendship and romance! Being the epitome of wit and originality, she names the club “The Singles Mingler”.


03-17-18_5-52-27 PM

Evie attends every party she is invited to, hoping to recruit members for her club. She is happy to find that there are no shortage of single sims in this town, although something must be said for Evie’s dancing skills, or the lack thereoff…


03-17-18_6-53-52 PM

She frequents festivals often. She likes San Myshuno, loves its liveliness and energy, but she still prefers the quiet charm of Windenburg, its calm tranquility so different from her homeworld.


03-17-18_8-06-43 PM

She once even went to the market and tried to sell the wild plants she harvested near her lot. She didn’t make much that day, but took the opportunity to find more recruits for her new club.


03-17-18_7-20-55 PM

Since Evie can’t afford to buy a computer, she still visits the library every other day. She befriends the librarian, Shingo, and even invites him to the club. He agrees with great enthusiasm.

(I really regret not taking a better picture of him, but sweet god Shingo is possibly one of the most hilarious looking townies I’ve ever seen. Look at him!)


03-17-18_7-40-32 PM

Finally, the Singles Mingler has enough members to hold its first gathering. Its success allows Evie to expand it further, and recruitment is quickly gaining traction among the locals.


03-18-18_5-06-49 AM

They party with ghosts…


03-17-18_8-56-16 PM

…and with bears. (No, not that kind of bears!)


03-17-18_7-11-26 PM

Evie’s popularity among the locals rises steadily. Caleb likes her so much he even pops up in her lot in the middle of the night to take out her trash…


03-17-18_8-44-56 PM

With her tech guru salary, Evie builds herself a little shack. She works on it through the day, and at dusk, stands in front of the completed project brimming with pride.


03-17-18_9-33-39 PM

The interior isn’t much to look at, but she can finally prepare hot meals at home, and what a luxury it is after over a week of instant food!


03-17-18_9-04-38 PM

Within the club, Evie is becoming fast friends with Jade and Shingo. One day, unexpectedly, Jade pulls them aside and announces that she will soon be leaving the club.

“But why? This is the best club I’ve been in!” Shingo says.

It turns out that Jade has found herself a partner, which means she no longer qualifies as a member. Evie congratulates her on her new relationship, a testament of her club’s success.

But this also reminds Evie why she started this endeavor in the first place. She must find a mate, and the biological clock is ticking.


03-18-18_5-22-43 AM

During the next party, when everybody is having the time of their lives, Evie finds herself looking at Shingo. He is, by sim standards, an odd looking guy. Evie has spent hours listening to Shingo complain about his lack of luck in romance. He’s too bookish and strange, and not everyone finds his obsession with cats endearing.

But Evie is no usual sim. She likes the odd, the unusual.


03-18-18_5-20-24 AM

Evie blows Shingo a kiss. He blushes furiously, a wide grin on his lips.


(About Shingo. I just couldn’t resist. What even is this guy?)



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2 thoughts on “Everlasting: A Legacy – 1.2 The Singles Mingler

  1. Great start! I’m already hooked and can’t wait to see how things develop between Evie & Shingo. Also, I just want to say that the whole dowry rule is really cool. Looking after the spares is a concept I can absolutely get behind 100%.

    Liked by 1 person

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