Everlasting: A Legacy – 1.3 A Whirlwind Romance


Week 2, Day 6:

Shingo, somewhat to my surprise, has asked me on a date. It is to my understanding that sims have different social expectations, relative to my own people. There’s a certain push and pull, a dance of courtship and romance to be undertaken before they engage in more long-term relationships. My previous involvements have been much more to the point, mostly consisting of a quick analysis and test-run of compatibility. 

I must admit, I am rather delighted by this new development. I have, after all, come to SimNation for new experiences and a fresh perspective. It is true that I am still not well-versed in this particular aspect of sim culture. Should I bring a gift, or some sort of offering? Are there standard courting protocols I need to observe? My research has yet to yield a definitive answer. Perhaps I shall simply have to observe, improvise, and see where luck leads me. 

It’s almost time. I must momentarily contain my excitement and get ready. If there is one thing I do understand about sim social dynamics (and in this aspect they are not dissimilar from my own), it’s that I should strive to look my best.

03-18-18_5-30-10 AM

Things go smoothly for a first date. I wasn’t able to win any medals, but it seems like Evie’s having a good time. She finds out Shingo’s third trait: Neat. Together with Bookworm and Cat Lover, Evie is confident that Shingo will make a great spouse.


03-18-18_5-34-00 AM

Evie comes across a white arc on her way home. She knows it’s used in weddings, a curious ceremony sim couples undertake before they declare themselves proper mates. What a strange concept. But Evie isn’t opposed to it. When in Rome and all, eh?


03-18-18_5-42-08 AM

Shingo wasted no time asking Evie out on another date, this time at his own house. It’s a nice house, Evie thinks, and finds out that Shingo’s actually been living with his great aunt, who merely tolerates his presence.


03-18-18_5-45-42 AM

Evie kisses him right there in the foyer.


03-18-18_5-47-09 AM

And one thing leads to another…

At this point there’s no hiding what Evie is. Evie can only hope Shingo won’t be put off by the fact that she’s an off-worlder.


03-18-18_5-49-47 AM.png

To her relief, Shingo’s totally into it. A bit too into it, perhaps?

(Shingo’s been getting larger and larger in the brief amount of time I’ve observed him… What you been up to, Shingo? Your model’s starting to clip into Evie’s when you get intimate!)


03-18-18_5-54-59 AM.png

Now that the xeno problem is out of the way, Evie’s feeling pretty good about her relationship. Even the Love Guru approves.


03-18-18_6-54-03 AM.png

It’s time to assemble her last club gathering. The Singles Mingler has grown in both size and fame under Evie’s management. She looks upon the faces of smiling sims mingling with each other and takes great pride in its success.


03-18-18_6-16-02 AM.png

Both Evie and Shingo know it’s their last gathering. Soon, they will no longer qualify to be members. They stay behind once the crowd dissipates, reflecting on all the happy incidents that took place.

Evie has completed her Leader of the Pack aspiration.


03-18-18_7-35-46 AM.png

With what little savings she has, Evie upgrades her little shack so it now has separate living, sleeping, and bathing spaces. This is very important for the next stage of her plans..


03-18-18_7-38-19 AM.png

Evie invites Shingo over, which inevitably leads straight to a tumble in her bed.


03-18-18_7-41-23 AM

And, of course, a post-coital proposal. Shingo looks so happy he could burst.


03-18-18_7-58-02 AM.png

Shingo moves in with Evie. He’s eager to get away from his great aunt, despite the non-ideal living conditions at Evie’s shack.

But as the wedding day approaches, something seems to be on his mind.


03-18-18_7-58-15 AM

Shingo, too, is aware of his rapid weight gain. He’d barely allowed himself to hope that he would one day marry somebody he loved, and now that his dream has finally become a reality, he desperately wants to look his best on his big day.

“Oh Evie.. I shouldn’t have let myself go like that. The wedding photos! I can’t bear to even think about them…”


03-18-18_7-58-39 AM.png

Evie doesn’t see anything lacking with the way Shingo is, but to cheer him up, she tells him she has just the thing he needs…


03-18-18_7-59-29 AM

…oh boy.


03-18-18_8-12-59 AM

I honestly didn’t expect the potion to be this effective, or the fact I just spent her precious aspiration points on a potion…

Even Evie seems a little shocked at her fiancee’s transformation. She assures him he looks good, though. Perhaps it’s time to invest in some surplus food and maybe a gym membership?


03-22-18_3-50-53 PM

The big day cannot arrive quickly enough. Surrounded by friends, Evie and Shingo finally join their hands under the white wedding arch.


03-22-18_3-53-25 PM

A shiny ring for our boy Shingo!


03-22-18_3-54-12 PM

The newlyweds kiss, much to the delight of the riotous crowd. It’s shaping up to a perfect, gold-medal worthy wedding.


03-22-18_3-58-39 PM

Shingo need not have worried about wedding photos. They couldn’t afford to hire a professional photographer, and are now resorting to selfies at the after party.


03-22-18_4-08-49 PM

Evie and Shingo have baked their own wedding cake. They take their first slices as their guests cheer.

Is there perhaps a slight swell to Evie’s belly? That’s something to be investigated further 😉



This chapter:

  • Leader of the Pack aspiration completed: +1
  • Have spouse bring in 3 unique traits: +1

Total Score: 4



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